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I have spent the majority of my life working to understand the many ways in which humans and their environment interact to effect one another. In my experience, the various different types of problems which arise in this domain can be extremely difficult to understand. This is due not only to their multiple and sometimes interelated causes but also to their often time delayed effects.

I believe that as a civilization we are entering a new and interesting period; one wherein the pursuit of a deeper understanding of these types of human-environment interactions will be elevated from its current status as a mere academic diversion to that of a wide reaching socio-economic mandate. I for one am extremely excited to see what this change will enable us to achieve. My only hope is to make a meaninful contribution in the process.


University of California at Santa Barbara,

Bren School of Environmental Science and Management

Doctor of Philosphy in Environmental Science June 2015

My PhD dissertation work involved the study of municipal freshwater reuse systems that involve artificial groundwater recharge components. My research discovered that the net water savings associated with this type of water reuse are highly sensitive to local geographic context. This sensitivity is due to the embedded water consumption associated with the production of the electricity that is required to operate the large pumps used by the aritifical recharge systems. This project involved the development of a novel parallel genetic algorithm for the location of optimal corridors relative to multiple spatially distributed costs. My PhD committee inlcuded Dr. Arturo Keller (Chair), Dr. Roland Geyer, Dr. James Frew.

University of California at Santa Barbara

Master of Arts in Geography June 2014

My MA in Geography focused on the use of geostatistical techniques to develop synethic geographic variables that could be used to systematically test and validate the performance of stochastic spatial optimization algorithms. My masters committee included Dr. James Frew (Chair) Dr. Keith Clarke, and Dr. Phaedon Kyriakidis.

Yale University,

School of Foresty and Environmental Studies

Master of Environmental Science June 2010

My MESc involved intensive study in three main areas: the application of geographic information systems to environmental science, life cycle assessment theory and implementation, and the principles of green chemistry and green engineering. My masters thesis advisors included Dr. Paul Anastas and Dr. Julie Zimmerman.

Bucknell University

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science June 2008

During my undergraduate years I did research in analytical environmental chemistry on the application of various iron rich clay species to the remediation of pesticide derived groundwater pollutants. I also undertook an honors thesis investigating the energy consumption footprint of the Bucknell University campus buildings and facilities. My honors thesis committee included Dr. Molly McGuire (Chair), Dr. Peter Slaughter, and Mr. James Knight.


Teaching Assistant

Graduate Level March 2009 - 2015

While at Yale, I assisted Dr. Charles Dana Tomlin in the teaching of both raster and vector based GIS courses. At UCSB, I also assisted Dr. James Frew in the teaching of similar graduate level GIS courses at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. Additionally, also while at UCSB, I assisted in the teaching of graduate level courses in Lanscape Ecology and Biogeochemistry.

Research Scientist

Spatial Analysis September 2011 - 2014

While at UCSB, I worked as a research scientist on several different projects funded by agencies such as the National Science Foundation, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the California Energy Commission. The work which I did involving these projects focused on the application of advanced computational techniques to complicated spatial analysis problems.


Over the years I have accumulated a number of useful skills relevant to the design, execution, and documentation of advanced science research projects. Listed below are a number of tools with which I am proficient. The bars plotted beneath each application domain reflect a personal, and somewhat arbitrary, assessment of my relative level of competence.

    Systems Programming

    Go | C | C++


    POSIX Shell | DOS Command Prompt

    Numerical Programming

    NumPy | SciPy | PySpark | Tensorflow | MATLAB | R

    GIS Programming


    Database Engines

    PostgreSQL | HBase | MySQL | SQLite

    Web Programming

    JavaScript | HTML | CSS | cartoCSS

Visit My Wife's Blog!

After I finished my PhD in Santa Barbara, my wife, Tessa Mendez, and I went on a six month, 18,888 mile, overland roadtrip throughout North America. After this trip she started a blog to document our various travels and experiences. Check it out if you are interested in learning more about the places that we like to visit and the types of things that we like to do.

Personal Interests

    That man is the richest,
    whose pleasures are the cheapest.

    Henry David Thoreau

    I think Thoreau may have been onto something here, because I most enjoy doing activies that allow me to physcially engage with the outdoors without spending too much money. Surfing, diving, running, cycling, and playing soccer are all among these.

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Santa Monica, CA, US


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